About Company

We are official distributors of unique devices for elimination of skin defects, as well as highly effective and ecological rejuvenation of face and body - PlasmaHealth Pro.

The mission of the company - Introduction of environmentally friendly methods of Plasma Health therapy in aesthetic cosmetology and medicine of Ukraine and neighboring countries and abroad!

We have a high-quality product that has stood the test of time!

About Company

How Tt All Began

More than 9 years ago the founders of the company had the idea to use non-chemical and nonpharmacological rejuvenation in their practice. We were looking for an effective tool to provide cosmetic services to clients, just like any cosmetologist.
After a long search and a lot of tests of different equipment, we settled on a completely unknown at the time method. It was the method of low-temperature plasma!
We used plasma to eliminate manifestations of allergies on the skin, we helped our relatives to relieve itching and swelling after insect bites, we accelerated the healing of aphthae in the mouth of their children! And with each passing day we were amazed.... Why is such a great tool, long studied by science, still not used in aesthetic cosmetology?
We were impressed with the first results of the procedures and began to study and try them on a wider audience of people, our team members used plasma in their daily lives. We had the machines in our homes! And every day we fell in love with this new method!
By introducing the method in our beauty studios and studios of our partners, we began to get great results from the procedures! Among other things plasma eliminated risks associated with pharmacology and reactions of the body, as it is a physical and natural method.
We performed rejuvenating procedures and at the same time helped clients in case of dermatitis or other skin irritations. The results of our work and positive feedback from our clients inspired us to create our own brand of low-temperature plasma devices!
We know how to make it competent and effective! We have a high-quality product that has stood the test of time! Today more than 1500 specialists all over the world already work with our unique beauty protocols using original plasma equipment under PlasmaHealth brand!
We contacted the company that supplied us with the equipment and signed a contract for the opportunity to represent this great product in Europe! During a long time of work in cosmetology we have gathered a lot of experience, which we want to pass on to all cosmetologists! We want to develop this wonderful industry - the beauty industry!

Why We?

  • Quality guarantee 5 years
  • Warranty and service in Europe, headquarters in Frankfurt am Main
  • Full set of documents of Ukraine and European Union
  • Licenses and Certificates
  • Remote modular training for 5 weeks
  • FREE (basic cosmetology protocols)
  • Specialist certificate and membership in the PlasmaCommunity

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Exclusive distributor:
Plasma Health Company

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New Technology 2022, LLC