I thank the company for their attention and professionalism. From the first call and communication with the manager to practical training on the machine.- Alla Marchenko
I like 🥰 being a part of Plasma Health, its confidence in yourself and the fact that you will always be supported, advised and helped! 🤗 It would be only a desire to develop!- Julia Trekhleb
I have been working with the Plasma Health machine for 4.5 years in America. To work on this machine the ministry here is enough to have a license as a cosmetologist, no special medical education is required, although I am a doctor from Ukraine. A huge thank you to the entire team at PlasmaHealth for your support in any situation, you are the best!!!- Julia Trekhleb
Hello. I am very satisfied, I liked it very much. I got a lot of new and interesting information for me. Nice company and The company and the environment. I will definitely attend more of your seminars at any opportunity! Thank you very much!- Anonymous
I really liked Plasma Health for their support, attention, professionalism and honesty. Its nice when you are faced with questions and not left alone with them. You feel cared for!- Oksana Lebed
A huge thank you to the entire team at Plasma Health for your support in all situations, you are the best!!!- Levi
It is very encouraging that the Plasma Health team provides tremendous support 💪 to their students, in all directions! Including promotion, which is important for beginners!- Tamara Snigur
I use the Plasma Health device and am very satisfied with the results, both me and all my clients. I want to express my gratitude to the company 😀- Alina Kovalenko
I am happy that I use such a miracle device as Plasma Health in my work, because with the help of various manipulators performing many procedures, many skin problems on both the face and body are solved, help significantly improve skin quality both for therapeutic and preventive purposes! Thank you for what you have! I wish you only new achievements in science!- Natalia Matviitsiv
Thank you 🌼 As always informative. I really liked the info about the peculiarities of working with Asian/European skin.- Tatiana Chistova