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Get full, year-long access to modular training and unlimited access to special Plasma Health content for professionals and cosmetologists.

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Basic Cold Plasma Course

We offer you a unique modular online training course from Plasma Health, the leader in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine!

The course offers 5 modules, 57 topics and 25 academic hours on an adapted online platform.

Get all the necessary knowledge in text format, fix it on a video and ask questions in a practical chat in each video block.

In addition, you will pass certification after each module and receive ready-made protocols, guidelines and case studies.

And most importantly, after the end of the course you will receive a gift from us!

After completing our course, you will master a new direction in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, improve your skills and add more than 50 new procedures to your arsenal, which will increase your income up to 4000 euros!

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