About Seminars

Our educational events are a system of global information for specialists in the cosmetology and medical fields about the latest technologies and methods of their application!

Our many years of experience in teaching and organizing educational events is reflected in conducting seminars at the highest level!

Being in our lecture hall, each participant can be satisfied with the highly qualified language of the transfer of medical knowledge from our speakers!

Everyone has the opportunity to touch high plasma techniques on their own and try the procedures on themselves!

About Seminars
About Seminars

We always take care of a tasty and nutritious break: because the amount of information at our seminars requires energy from your body! But don't worry, there is always a coffee break at every event!

For us, the main thing is to convey to specialists the same experience in conducting effective procedures that we have thanks to the work of brand studios and the provision of plasma services in them. That is why a series of master classes takes place at each seminar.

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