Terms of Service

1) Return Conditions

We support customer service, returns, and product exchanges.

If you have any issues with the product, you can write to us, and we will resolve the problem for you!

Please follow the reasons below for more detailed information. Note that the return conditions apply only to product items in the "Plasma Devices" section and do not apply to services, training materials, and events provided separately or bundled with the product.

Before purchasing products in the "Plasma Technologies" section, it is important to review the completeness of the kits: what services, training materials, and events are included in the kit.

In the case of an upgrade, the warranty period is extended by 1 year.

Special Note:

Only private individuals not using the product for commercial purposes can submit a return request.

For any form of product return, images or videos of the product are required!

1. If there is an issue with the product, we will retrieve the item and provide an exchange for a new one! If the product does not match the description, we will issue a refund. You can request a refund only by creating a return form (without the return form, we will not refund the money).

2. When returning the product, the customer covers the shipping cost of the product to us and back.

3. In the event of a return and/or exchange, the customer can claim a return and/or exchange only for product items in the "Plasma Technologies" section. The return of services, training materials, and events is not carried out; the refund amount is adjusted for the cost of the received services, training materials, and events included with the corresponding product item. In the case of an exchange, the possibility of reusing services, training materials, and events included with the corresponding product item does not apply. The refund amount is determined by excluding intellectual property, training, protocols, and details of hygiene (attachments that are unpacked are not eligible for return).

4. If the product has not been used but is unpacked or the airtightness of the packaging of attachments in the kit is violated, the return is not accepted.

5. Warranty and return conditions do not apply to attachments and manipulators supplied with the product.

6. When receiving the product through any transport company, the customer is obliged to check the completeness, performance, airtightness of packaging, the presence of mechanical and any other damage at the time of receiving the product. In case of any damage during transportation, any damage claims must be directed to the transport company.

7. In case of manufacturing defects, the supplier, at its discretion, provides a warranty by correction or replacement. In the case of correction, the supplier should not bear increased costs associated with shipping the product to a location other than the place of performance, provided that the shipment does not correspond to the intended use of the product.

Return Policy applies only to our official website with the warranty specified in the warranty card, but we are not responsible for other websites selling our products under the PlasmaHealth brand. If you encounter such websites, please inform us!

2) Reasons for Free Returns and Exchanges:

If your product is defective, you must send us photos of the defective product.

Missing Part:

If parts of your product are broken or missing, we can send you spare parts or partially refund you for the missing part.

Not Working or Broken:

If the product you received is not working, you can contact our customer support:

send an image or video of the product with the problem and describe the problem in detail, and we will provide you with the appropriate technical response.

If it still doesn't work, you can request an exchange.

You need to prove to us that the product is not working as described in the technical specifications of the product. If the product you received is defective, you can contact our customer support to provide you with technical support or a solution.

You cannot repair the device yourself or with the help of local technicians!

Service and warranty maintenance, according to the terms of warranty and service, are carried out exclusively in authorized service points.

Free Return Not Supported:

3) Delayed Arrival:

If you have been waiting for the product for a long time and do not want it, we apologize for the situation. All transport issues related to the time and quality of delivery are the responsibility of the transport and/or logistics company from the moment the product is handed over to the transport company, confirmed by the transport declaration, and can be visualized on the website of the transport company.

4) Don't Want It:

If you have already received the product but changed your mind and no longer want it. Ordered by mistake, changed your mind, or the price has changed - you cannot return the product and/or get a refund. This is because this type of product is not offered by the company for private individuals or for personal use. The device is sold only for professional use in commercial activities. It follows that the buyer must be a legal entity - a company or entrepreneur.

5) Does Not Match Description:

If you received a product that does not match the description or image of the product, please inform us. Based on the specific reason, we decide whether to charge for the return shipping.

If you received a defective product, you can first contact our customer support by email.

6) Return Not Supported:

The product was accidentally stained, and we are not obligated to fix it.

The product is damaged due to an error in use, and we are not responsible for it. In this case, the customer can use their right to contact a certified service center for technical repair or replacement of parts.

The product was used in professional activities (according to international hygiene standards) and/or purchased for commercial use.

Return does not apply to contracts concluded with the consumer at our educational and presentation events. (exhibitions, seminars, training, etc.)

Return does not apply to products that are not suitable for return for reasons of health and hygiene, if the customer received the device and used it to work with their clients, violating the sterility of consumables and untreated surfaces.

Standard Logistics Return:

Our customer support will describe all the stages of the return process in the letter and select a logistics company.

7) Return of Educational Products:

In the case of services (Basic Training with Hands-On Placement), the customer has the right to confirm the participation date in the event/training within 6 months after payment for the product. The date is determined from the schedule of events on the website http://plasma-health.com.

The supplier has the right to postpone meetings. The rescheduling of the meeting does not give the customer the right to reduce the training fee or cancel the contract. If the customer purchases a ticket for an offline event, the following rules apply: In the case of significant organizational or economic reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event. In this case, the organizer will immediately inform the customer and rebook the tickets for the next event. Expenses for canceling the event, which the participant could have insured against (ticket insurance, trip cancellation insurance, etc.), are not reimbursed under any circumstances. In the case of force majeure or the official cancellation of the event, the organizer's liability is excluded. The responsibility for canceling or rebooking the customer's reserved transportation or accommodation expenses is excluded.

If the customer cannot attend the training course due to a delayed appointment or illness (with a medical certificate), the customer has the right to reschedule the training course with the same course name on a new available date for free.

Online sessions or online educational materials that are included as a mandatory part of the device package are non-refundable.

8) Satisfaction Guarantee for Every Purchase:

Dear customer, if you are not satisfied with any product purchased from Plasma Health, please contact us before requesting a return or refund. Please carefully check everything upon receipt of the parcel. Any damage, except DOA (Dead-On-Arrival), is not covered if it is artificial. If your product was damaged during transportation or malfunctioned within the warranty period, please write to us with photos or videos to show the problem.

All returns must be pre-approved. Unapproved returns will not be accepted.

Double-check if the product is working, and contact our customer support representative, provide us with detailed information about the problem, and send us a few photos for confirmation.

The same warranty applies to replaced and returned items.

When you send the product:

Carefully pack the product(s) in the original packaging.

Attach the transport label outside the transport packaging.

The return will be processed after the product is received by our warehouse staff and confirmed that it has not been opened and is in good condition.

For assistance with the return, please send a message to support@plasma-health.com. You must return the product to our warehouse, and you need to choose the correct warehouse. If you do not know the correct warehouse, please contact us.

The warehouse will not accept delivery without our return label.

How long will it take to get a refund?:

If you pay by credit card, you will receive a refund within 10-15 business days after receiving the refund email (depending on the time it takes for the customer's credit card company to process the transfer).

If you pay through Paypal, you will receive a refund in a timely manner and after receiving the refund email.

Our store does not charge a processing fee.


The cost of shipping will be charged to the customer no more than once (including the return); If you have any questions, please contact us:

Main Office

Main Office Contacts

Consultation Department:

+48 573 580 961

+49 693 329 9189

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

Email: support@plasma-health.com

Responses to emails will be sent within 72 hours.

(excluding weekends and holidays)

Note: We reserve the right to the final interpretation. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us!

9) Customer Terms

Welcome to Plasma Health! The management company Plasma Health (hereinafter referred to as "we/us") offers you products and services on this website. By using this website, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree with the content of the following terms, please immediately stop using this website. You should be aware that if you wish to remove all your data from our databases, you can write us a letter and call us with a request to delete your data. We undertake to do this within 1 month from the date of receiving the request!

The content presented on this website is intended for your personal non-commercial use, and you are not authorized to remove any claims contained in the content presented on this website. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by Plasma Health.

Plasma Health reserves the right to update and adjust these terms and the products, services, and prices mentioned on this website at any time and has the right to fulfill its responsibility through legal means in case of any violation of these provisions.

1. Copyright

All content on this website (including, but not limited to, text, images, audio, video, graphics, interface design, layout structure, related data, or electronic documents, etc.) is the property of Plasma Health. No one may modify, copy, or modify any part of the content of this website without the prior written permission of Plasma Health and distribute it.

2. Compensation

For losses incurred by Plasma Health due to your violation of any provision of these Terms, you agree to maximum compensation for Plasma Health.

3. Disclaimer

3.1 Despite taking all reasonable measures to verify the accuracy of the information contained on this website, we make no warranties regarding the accuracy, timeliness, functionality, or suitability of the materials and products of any information presented on this website. You acknowledge that you understand that such information and materials may be inaccurate, untimely, or error-prone, and that Plasma Health is not responsible for damage arising from inaccuracies or errors in this information to the maximum extent permitted by law.

3.2 You use any information, materials, or products on this website at your own risk. You are responsible for actively verifying whether the products or services we offer are suitable for your use.

3.3 Some content on this website is obtained from the Internet and is intended for demonstration purposes only, and all rights to the content belong to the author. If our behavior violates copyright, please inform us at plasmahealth.org@gmail.com, and we will try to remove the information in a short time.

4. Links to Third-Party Websites

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4.2 We do not guarantee and are not responsible for third-party websites. The use of such third-party websites is at your own risk.

4.3 We recommend that you read the relevant legal notices, user agreements, privacy policies, and other content when visiting third-party websites.

5. Prices in Different Currencies

Prices for products sold on http://plasma-health.com are based on figures calculated in euros (EUR€). Prices listed in other currencies have been converted from euros according to the latest exchange rates. Due to currency fluctuations, prices displayed on the site in currencies other than the individual product page may not be the most current. Areas of the site where products are expressed in a currency other than EURO may be inaccurate, including, but not limited to, advertising banners, promotional pages, and information on product category pages. The price displayed on an individual product page, regardless of the currency denomination, is the current price you must pay http://plasma-health.com, excluding shipping costs.

6. Brands

We strictly prohibit the use of any Plasma Health trademarks in products or services not owned by Plasma Health. If you have not received prior written permission from Plasma Health, you will be held responsible for the violation of your unauthorized use.

7. Protection of Minors

If you are a minor in your country, your parent or guardian must give permission for your use of this website.

8. Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, store, and protect your personal information when you use the products or services we offer. Before using this website, make sure you have read and accepted our privacy policy.

10. Contact Us

We greatly value the user experience. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at: support@plasma-health.com

Main Office Contacts

Consultation Department:

+48 573 580 961

+49 693 329 9189

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

Email: support@plasma-health.com

Responses to emails will be sent within 24 hours.

(excluding weekends and holidays)

Company Address:

Main Office Contacts

Consultation Department:

+48 573 580 961

+49 693 329 9189

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

11. Other

11.1 Any dispute arising in connection with the above terms or the use of this website is subject to German law.

11.2 Any dispute arising from the content of the above Terms or the use of this website will be resolved through consultations. If judicial proceedings fail, all parties agree to the jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction in the location where Plasma Health is a resident.