About Webinars

Plasma Health is a manufacturer of plasma energy devices. Therefore, our specialists have substantive knowledge in this area. Plasma is the future of medicine and cosmetology. Already today, we have extensive clinical experience in the use of plasma in applied cosmetology, dentistry, podiatry, etc. We try to share all our knowledge through webinars and additional online meetings!

About Webinars

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Benefits of Webinars

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    We do some webinars for free! So subscribe to our instagram or telegram pages and get giveaways!

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    Many people do not have enough time or the opportunity to attend an offline event. In such cases, our webinars give the opportunity to get the maximum amount of knowledge remotely!

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    The amount of information that working professionals need in their regular practice is dynamic and changes over time.

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    We also create new topics for you. which are also available in webinar form. You can also receive all webinars and training materials by becoming a member of the private Plasma Health club.