Couperose: new technologies and effective solutions

10 November 2023
Duration: 2 hours
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Couperose: new technologies and effective solutions


Astapyeva Oksana

Astapyeva Oksana

  • Doctor of dermatology;
  • 16 years of experience in cosmetology;
  • Experience with plasma techniques 7 years;
  • Performed plasma procedures 10 thousand;
  • Practical knowledge of techniques: Laser, massage, hardware, injection, transdermal, etc;
  • Head of international training programs;
  • Specialist in anti-age medicine.

10000+ Procedures
12+ Years of Experience

Event Program

This professional course is aimed at studying new technologies in eliminating the manifestations of couperose.

Couperose is one of the most common skin problems that requires expert treatment. Our team of experts present you with a unique opportunity to learn all about modern methods of treating couperose in our free webinar!

Here you will learn about the most effective methods of working with couperose using low-temperature plasma and pharmacological preparations, learn how to perform the procedures correctly and gain the necessary knowledge to work with clients suffering from couperose.

We invite all cosmetologists to take part in our webinar and become experts in working with couperose. Don't miss the opportunity to gain new knowledge and increase your professional level!

Topics covered in the program

  • Coperosis: Coperosis: Hardware or pharmacological methods?
  • What is couperose?
  • Anatomy / Morphology / Pathomorphology;
  • Clinical cases;
  • Pharmacology in the treatment of couperose manifestations;
  • Apparatuses in the elimination of external manifestations;
  • Is it possible to get rid of couperose forever?
  • Case Studies;
  • Techniques for conducting procedures with the help of NTP;
  • What can't be removed? Where can't I delete?
  • And if you can, which method to choose?;
  • Protocols.

Become a professional in your business! Increase your level of knowledge and apply in practice!

Practical application of plasma technologies in the practice of a cosmetologist-aesthetician, a specialist in aesthetic medicine:
Professional plasma equipment and accessories for home use, is there a difference?

Join the Plasma Health community and be the best at what you do.
(Seats in the webinar room are limited)

Who is the webinar for?

Specialists who dream of changing their qualifications.
Beginners in the field of beauty services.
Cosmetologists who need practical advice on how and what is most effective at the initial level.

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99€ *

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