Dangerous neoplasms in cosmetology.

15 June 2024
Duration: 1.5 hours

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Dangerous neoplasms in cosmetology.


Andrey Bondarenko

Andrey Bondarenko

  • Dermato-oncologist
  • diagnosis and treatment of skin neoplasms.
  • Aesthetic removal of moles on the face.
  • Removal of papillomas, keratomas, warts.
  • Specialist in laser techniques for rejuvenation and non-surgical tightening of the skin of the face, upper eyelids, abdomen...
  • Treatment of vascular pathology.
  • Anti-age medicine specialist.
  • Experience 11 years.
  • More than 14 thousand satisfied patients have been treated.
  • Participant of many congresses and conferences, both in Ukraine and abroad.

6000+ Procedures
10+ Years of Experience

Event Program

Welcome to Andrey Bondarenko's webinar "Dangerous neoplasms in cosmetology. ".

Topics covered in the program

  • The main types of skin neoplasms.
  • Traceless removal of papinomas in the orbital region.
  • How to work with sirignoma
  • Xanthelasmas of the skin of the orbital zone
  • Hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands
  • Effective combination of classical cosmetology and plasma techniques?
  • Case studies: Aesthetic cosmetology and the fight against age-related skin changes. Work with post-acne. Postpartum laxity of the skin.

We have invited a special guest - a leading dermatologist-oncologist, who will share his experience of successfully working with skin neoplasms using low-temperature plasma technology.

Learn about the latest research, techniques, and the benefits of using plasma versus laser to treat dangerous growths. Get valuable knowledge and information from a leading expert in dermatology and oncology.

Join our unique Plasma Health community and improve your skills in your professional field.
(Seats available in the webinar room are limited, don't miss out!)

Who is the webinar for?

Cosmetics business owners

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