Application of plasma techniques and conceptual preparations in work with pigmentation and skin lightening.

26 August 2023
Duration: 2 hours

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Application of plasma techniques and conceptual preparations in work with pigmentation and skin lightening.


Astapyeva Oksana

Astapyeva Oksana

  • Doctor of dermatology;
  • 16 years of experience in cosmetology;
  • Experience with plasma techniques 7 years;
  • Performed plasma procedures 10 thousand;
  • Practical knowledge of techniques: Laser, massage, hardware, injection, transdermal, etc;
  • Head of international training programs;
  • Specialist in anti-age medicine.

10000+ Procedures
12+ Years of Experience

Event Program

Application of plasma techniques and conceptual preparations in work with pigmentation and skin lightening.

Issues Considered:
- Skin as an organ and melanocytic system;
- Melonogenesis;
- Hyper and hypopigmentation;
- Pharmacology in the fight against pigmentation;
- Possibilities of preventing or avoiding the development of pigmentation when performing cosmetic procedures;
- Stabilization of melanocyte function: Drugs and plasma effects;
- Application of hydroquinone and retinolol in the practice of the cosmetologist;
- Кейсы работ с применением плазменной терапии;
- Ready-made protocols for the scientific staff of the company.

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