How is the payment or prepayment of the device made?

When paying for our course or products, you can use manual payment methods. After completing an application on our website, you can pay directly through our payment form or use the details as indicated in the payment form. The form of payment on our site offers a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, electronic payment systems and other available methods. Choose a payment method convenient for you, follow the instructions and complete the payment. If you want to speed up with other payment methods, you can also speed up with details, like data on the payment form. You will be given information about the necessary details, which you need to provide when making a payment through a bank or other payment systems. We recommend that you carefully review and follow the instructions given by the hour of the payment process in order to ensure the successful and hassle-free payment of your engagement. If you are blamed, be it food or problems with payment, be kind, contact our support service, and we will gladly help you.