How is targeted advertising set up as part of the Plasma Heath VIP package?

You will be able to test the demand for new plasma treatments, warm up the audience, talk about new products, receive direct requests for treatments in direct and start pre-recording! Start earning even before purchasing plasma equipment Setting up targeted advertising within the Plasma Health VIP package is part of the additional benefits provided to our customers. By purchasing a VIP package, you get the opportunity to receive support in setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns for a month, which will be directed to your target audience. The process of setting up targeted advertising includes the following steps: 1. Consultation and Analysis: Our team will consult with you to better understand your target audience, campaign goals and budget. We will also analyze your market and competitors in order to develop an effective advertising strategy. 2. Creation of promotional materials: We will help you create attractive and informative promotional materials that will grab the attention of your target audience. This may include the design of advertisements, the creation of sales texts and the preparation of visual elements. 3. Targeting setup: We will help you define targeting parameters such as geographic distribution, age, gender and interests of your target audience. This will allow you to achieve maximum relevance and effectiveness of your advertisements. 4. Optimization and tracking of results: Our team will track and optimize your advertising campaign to achieve the best results. We will analyze performance metrics such as conversions, clicks and engagement and make the necessary adjustments to improve the result. As part of the Plasma Health VIP package, you receive personalized support and expert support in setting up targeted advertising for the procedures performed by the Plasma Health device. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum success and attract more clients to your plasma cosmetology practice.