What is microplasmic thermolysis?

Our scientific staff has long been working with two problems of our time: the chemical composition of peels, often toxic and often causing and resistant to antibiotics. cosmetology, if it develops so well with any pathogenic flora, shows high rates in working with demodicrosis or its manifestations, stable re-impantitis, then we need to develop another version of plasma. We have developed microplasma thermolysis! And what have we got for 7 years of experience in microplasma thermolysis? Natural exfoliation, elimination of colored keratinocytes in 3-4 keratinization cycles Activation of arterial hypertension, as evidenced by 1-2 days of erythema immediately after the procedure Increases cellular activity Accelerates increased production to normalize hormonal activity including melanocytes Normalizes sebum regulation Normalizes the presence of PH Accelerates the synthesis of collagen, glycosaminoglycans Stabilizes the work of local immunity Normalizes the course of rosacea