Wound healing and prevention of scarring with Plasma Helth

As a rule, the formation of scars is caused by a violation of the integrity of the dermal and deeper layers of the skin, caused by surgery, thermal/chemical damage, long-term inflammation, or other physical factors. Thus, the presence of the influence of such factors in itself forces the body to replace the normal connective tissue. In this way, a scar appears. However, the quality and functionality of Scar Tissue may vary. How can we improve the quality of scar tissue: - at the stage of scar formation, use a plasma shower only on the Plasma Health device, which has a closed plasma shower in its functionality! In this form, the plasma energy stimulates regeneration, provides the cells with the energy necessary for multiplication, sterilizes the treated surface by ionizing it, removes the link and inflammation, which in itself already improves and accelerates the healing process. In the case of using Plasma Health, in 60% of clinical cases, the replaced tissue is more functional and elastic, less aesthetically different from the normal surrounding tissue. - At the stage of an already formed scar: Effective use of plasma in work with hypohypertrophic scars. In this case, our protocols recommend using the method of sublimation or "light" sublimation - MPT. This technique is aimed at destroying non-functional fibrous collagen. Our scientific team, during 7 years of direct application of sublimation with the Plasma Health device, observes in clinical and practical cosmetology stunning results not only in terms of eliminating the excess volume of hypertrophic scars or leveling hypotrophic ones, but also significant recovery, improvement in quality and functional abilities.