Aesthetic Set Plasma Health Antistatic PRO+ - Silver

Esthetician set

Aesthetic Set Plasma Health Antistatic PRO+ - Silver

Esthetician set

Color: Silver

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"The set is designed for use in aesthetic practice to perform more than 50 different procedures, including plasma rejuvenation, initiation of regenerative processes of the skin, and plasma correction.

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The set is designed to work in cosmetic practice and aesthetic medicine.

It is used in:

  • Processes of plasma rejuvenation: facial contour lifting, elimination of expression lines and wrinkles;
  • To start regenerative processes of the skin: improve skin quality, robotics with dermatological problems (acne, couperose, psoriasis), accelerate wound healing;
  • Plasma correction: tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, intimate plastic surgery.

Mechanism of action:
Inactivates bacterial flora and starts the formation of new collagen fibers.

Complete set

The client cannot purchase a machine without training, but the client can purchase training without the machine.

  • 1 year warranty;
  • Training in the use of plasma techniques in the format of a modular course (in English or Russian);
  • Theoretical training in a seminar format;
  • Practical instructions in the format of a master class, practicing procedures:
    • Plasma shower;
    • Microplasma thermolysis;
    • Plasmaporation.
  • For the highest practical skills, we provide 5 models for the above procedures;
  • PlasmaHealth Pro cold plasma machine;
  • Set of three nozzles:
    • Plasma shower;
    • Microplasma thermolysis;
    • Plazmoporation.
  • Basic author's protocols for working with the device in English and in Russian;
  • Author's brand publications for social networks, 70 pieces, you can use the texts that we have for translation into any foreign language;
  • Online modular course. After completing modular training at Plasma Health, our specialists will receive a certificate with a hologram confirming their qualifications. This certificate is an official document recognized in the field of cosmetology and confirms the competence of our specialists. It confirms that our specialists have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to use innovative Plasma Health technologies and equipment with a high level of professionalism.
  • Subscription to PlasmaHealth platform with access to methodical materials:
    • Customer Memo;
    • Informed consent with the client;
    • Photo-video content;
    • Short video techniques;
    • Scripts of communication with the client;
    • Access to a closed Telegram channel.
  • Account manager support.
Technical Specifications
  • Operating temperature ranges 0-40 С°;
  • Relative humidity 45-77% non-condensing;
  • Voltage 100V/110V/220V/240V;
  • Frequency range 300-500 kHz;
  • Maximum output power — at least 7W peak value;
  • Current type — DC;
  • Plasma-forming gas — air;
  • Voltage — 5000-7000V;
  • The main cutting arc is excited automatically when it reaches a distance of 0.5-1 mm to the target tissue.

WARNING, the price is for the whole set! The device is not for sale separately!


How is targeted advertising set up as part of the Plasma Heath VIP package?

You will be able to test the demand for new plasma treatments, warm up the audience, talk about new products, receive direct requests for treatments in direct and start pre-recording! Start earning even before purchasing plasma equipment Setting up targeted advertising within the Plasma Health VIP package is part of the additional benefits provided to our customers. By purchasing a VIP package, you get the opportunity to receive support in setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns for a month, which will be directed to your target audience. The process of setting up targeted advertising includes the following steps: 1. Consultation and Analysis: Our team will consult with you to better understand your target audience, campaign goals and budget. We will also analyze your market and competitors in order to develop an effective advertising strategy. 2. Creation of promotional materials: We will help you create attractive and informative promotional materials that will grab the attention of your target audience. This may include the design of advertisements, the creation of sales texts and the preparation of visual elements. 3. Targeting setup: We will help you define targeting parameters such as geographic distribution, age, gender and interests of your target audience. This will allow you to achieve maximum relevance and effectiveness of your advertisements. 4. Optimization and tracking of results: Our team will track and optimize your advertising campaign to achieve the best results. We will analyze performance metrics such as conversions, clicks and engagement and make the necessary adjustments to improve the result. As part of the Plasma Health VIP package, you receive personalized support and expert support in setting up targeted advertising for the procedures performed by the Plasma Health device. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum success and attract more clients to your plasma cosmetology practice.

What if I cant show up for hand placement training?

If you were unable to attend a hand placement training and you provided notice on the day of the training, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. However, in order to re-enroll in the course, you will need to pay for the re-organization of training in full. The reason for this requirement is that for each participant in the training, we reserve a place and resources in advance in order to ensure high-quality and effective training. If you are absent from the course, we will bear the costs and cannot provide your seat to another participant. We strive to provide fair and equal service to all clients, and therefore we ask that you plan your participation in advance and be careful about confirming your attendance on the course. In case of unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find the best solution for all parties. We are always available to answer your questions and discuss your options if you have special circumstances that require attention. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In what period of time can I undergo hand placement?

According to the terms of use, you can undergo hand placement within 6 months in any city convenient for you. To do this, you need to pre-register 1 month before the selected date.

What do you need to start distance learning?

To start distance learning on our platform, a prepayment of 600 euros is required. This prepayment will allow you to have full access to our educational materials, module course and special content necessary for mastering the use of the low temperature plasma apparatus. Prepayment is an integral part of the distance learning registration process and secures your place on our learning platform. It also guarantees access to up-to-date and informative materials that will help you learn new techniques and develop professional skills in cosmetology. We guarantee high quality training and strive to provide you with useful and valuable knowledge for the successful application of the low temperature plasma device in your practice. If you have any further questions or would like more information about the registration and payment process for distance learning, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help and provide you with the support you need at every stage of your educational journey.

Can I get a discount on a purchase?

On a regular basis, we provide a 20% discount on the purchase of a second device. This is the program of financing the business of cosmetologists! From this device can only be purchased by a specialist who has been trained and has a device of our brand! At the same time, a specialist who purchases a second device does not undergo training again. However, it is important to note that the specialist retains full access to our learning platform and special content. We value our customers and strive to provide them with convenience and benefits when scaling their business. Offering a discount on a second unit is one way to support professionals who already use our technology in their further development. If you have any further questions or would like more information about our offers and conditions for purchasing a second device, our team will be happy to provide you with the necessary support and advice.

How is the payment or prepayment of the device made?

When paying for our course or products, you can use manual payment methods. After completing an application on our website, you can pay directly through our payment form or use the details as indicated in the payment form. The form of payment on our site offers a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, electronic payment systems and other available methods. Choose a payment method convenient for you, follow the instructions and complete the payment. If you want to speed up with other payment methods, you can also speed up with details, like data on the payment form. You will be given information about the necessary details, which you need to provide when making a payment through a bank or other payment systems. We recommend that you carefully review and follow the instructions given by the hour of the payment process in order to ensure the successful and hassle-free payment of your engagement. If you are blamed, be it food or problems with payment, be kind, contact our support service, and we will gladly help you.

When will I receive my Plasmologist certification?

Upon successful completion of our face-to-face training in a seminar and distance learning through a modular course on our dedicated learning platform, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate confirms that you have acquired the necessary practical and theoretical skills to successfully use the low-temperature plasma apparatus in your cosmetology practice. We pay great attention to the quality of training and ensure that our modular course and face-to-face seminars provide the comprehensive knowledge and experience necessary to apply innovative plasma rejuvenation technology. The certificate you receive will reflect your competence and your ability to operate the low temperature plasma apparatus effectively. We are proud of our training program and we are confident that it will help you expand your professional skills and achieve success in cosmetology. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to support you on your path to success.

What is the difference between a cold (low-temperature) plasma and a hot one?

Cold plasma is a state of ionized gas in which the energy of particles is kept at a low level, which allows it to be used in medicine and cosmetology without the risk of overheating or tissue injury. Hot plasma is a state of ionized gas in which the particles have high energy, resulting in an elevated temperature. Hot plasma is used in other areas such as nuclear physics or industry. The main difference lies in the energy level of plasma particles and temperature. Hot plasma has a very high temperature and high particle energy, which can be dangerous for use in cosmetology and medicine. At the same time, cold plasma has a low temperature and low particle energy, which allows it to be safely applied to the skin.

Wound healing and prevention of scarring with Plasma Helth

As a rule, the formation of scars is caused by a violation of the integrity of the dermal and deeper layers of the skin, caused by surgery, thermal/chemical damage, long-term inflammation, or other physical factors. Thus, the presence of the influence of such factors in itself forces the body to replace the normal connective tissue. In this way, a scar appears. However, the quality and functionality of Scar Tissue may vary. How can we improve the quality of scar tissue: - at the stage of scar formation, use a plasma shower only on the Plasma Health device, which has a closed plasma shower in its functionality! In this form, the plasma energy stimulates regeneration, provides the cells with the energy necessary for multiplication, sterilizes the treated surface by ionizing it, removes the link and inflammation, which in itself already improves and accelerates the healing process. In the case of using Plasma Health, in 60% of clinical cases, the replaced tissue is more functional and elastic, less aesthetically different from the normal surrounding tissue. - At the stage of an already formed scar: Effective use of plasma in work with hypohypertrophic scars. In this case, our protocols recommend using the method of sublimation or "light" sublimation - MPT. This technique is aimed at destroying non-functional fibrous collagen. Our scientific team, during 7 years of direct application of sublimation with the Plasma Health device, observes in clinical and practical cosmetology stunning results not only in terms of eliminating the excess volume of hypertrophic scars or leveling hypotrophic ones, but also significant recovery, improvement in quality and functional abilities.

How can I improve my dermatitis with the Plasma Health device?

Very often, a cosmetologist in his office encounters various skin disorders or inflammations associated with allergic or thermal factors affecting the skin. Often, our clients cannot solve their problem for a long time and turn to various specialists for help: and later completely abandon attempts to improve their condition. It makes a person suffer and put up with his problem. You should know that the PlasmaHealth app has optimal functionality to solve such problems. This is a plasma shower procedure according to the care protocol for skin disorders! You should also be sure that such skin care has no age and time limits for the procedure. Such withdrawal will never hurt and will only contribute to faster recovery!

What is microplasmic thermolysis?

Our scientific staff has long been working with two problems of our time: the chemical composition of peels, often toxic and often causing and resistant to antibiotics. cosmetology, if it develops so well with any pathogenic flora, shows high rates in working with demodicrosis or its manifestations, stable re-impantitis, then we need to develop another version of plasma. We have developed microplasma thermolysis! And what have we got for 7 years of experience in microplasma thermolysis? Natural exfoliation, elimination of colored keratinocytes in 3-4 keratinization cycles Activation of arterial hypertension, as evidenced by 1-2 days of erythema immediately after the procedure Increases cellular activity Accelerates increased production to normalize hormonal activity including melanocytes Normalizes sebum regulation Normalizes the presence of PH Accelerates the synthesis of collagen, glycosaminoglycans Stabilizes the work of local immunity Normalizes the course of rosacea

Plasma sublimation is -?

Plasma sublimation is the transformation of a solid substance into a gaseous one, bypassing the liquid phase. The process of sublimation by low-temperature plasma can be implemented only under the conditions of transferring a large amount of energy to a solid substance. Low-temperature plasma has great potential. Using plasma sublimation in solving aesthetic problems of the skin, cosmetology can affect the upper layers of the skin, producing plasma dermabrasion. In turn, plasma's ability to sublimate biological tissue does not lead to a wide distribution of thermal energy in the skin, which reduces the localization of inflammation. This is evidenced by the narrow localization of the stress zone. Compared to other energy methods of dermabrasion (laser, thermolysis, radio waves, electrocoagulation), plasma sublimation does not have a wide thermal well. As a result of damage to skin cells, the evacuation of ""debris"" of affected cells occurs faster, the healing process is shortened to 3-7 days, compared to 7-14 days with other methods (laser, thermolysis, RF, electrocoagulation). However, the methods of formation of the plasma sublimation process are different. The PlasmaHealth pro device uses optimal characteristics for the effective use of plasma sublimation in cosmetology. Using the PlasmaHealth protocols, the dermabrasion of the top layer of the skin is between 2 and 5 nm.

What is sublimation in cosmetology?

The essence of the plasma sublimation procedure is that a plasma arc is formed between the tip of the needle (a disposable needle-tip is attached to the nozzle) and the surface of the skin (the method is contactless!), which can carbonize skin areas or skin formations without injuring the surrounding tissues.

What is a plasma shower?

Plasma shower (PD) - works in the dermis, hypodermis and muscle layer The plasma shower allows you to disinfect the skin without the use of drugs, while simultaneously stimulating local immunity and increasing the skin's own protective potential, temporary destabilization of the stratum corneum after treatment with a plasma shower makes it possible to improve penetration into the skin without damaging its barrier structures. Such a set of clinical effects does not have any of the known hardware methods. With the help of the procedure, you can accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, fight acne and bacterial infections, reduce and stop inflammatory processes on the skin. Also, the procedure works perfectly with lifting the oval of the face, fine lines, bags and bruises under the eyes, pigmentation, etc.

What are the cold plasma procedures?

Because of the wide functionality of the PlasmaHealth device, a great price list of services has become available to cosmetologists, which includes over 50 new plasma sightings behind the skin of a patient. Such a great change to please any specialist, from an esthetist to an injectionist! From a cosmetologist to a dermatologist! So such specialties, as canopies may be able to win the potential of the apparatus in various purposes of work. (treatment of mycoses, other fungal infections, inflammation, infections, manifestations, newborn, sterilization of surfaces, work with trophic arms and a diabetic foot. Ask the manager for information about the device in podology for more oї quantity of information) PLASMA health technology is the greatest assessment of clinical stagnation in the field of aesthetic and therapeutic dentistry (ask the manager for clinical opinions and other information about the effectiveness of stagnation in aesthetic dentistry), ponad 1500 fakhіvtsіv zastosovuyut unique functionality of the device for solving various problems such as: fabrics, tolerance of herpetic manifestations, chronic cracks and cheilitis. Most of the clinical manifestations of depression were not accompanied by antibiotics, so we can talk about the virishion of the world problem of antibiotic resistance of microorganism! The cream of the most highly listed in the lavas of our buyers is also known to the fahivtsi of other medicine galleries: veterinarians, proctologists, gynecologists, dermatologists.

What is the difference between cold and hot plasma?

Cold plasma is a relative concept, because compared to plasma, such as that produced by lightning or thermonuclear reactions in the sun, any plasma used in cosmetology is relatively cold. The temperature of a cold plasma reaches 300-600 degrees Celsius.

What is the use of cold plasma?

Plasmolifting accelerates regeneration processes (restoration of lost tissue structure). After the Plasma Skin plasma lifting procedure, the skin is tightened, its hydration and elasticity increases.

How much does a cold plasma device cost?

The prices of Plasma Health devices may vary depending on the chosen configuration and individual client needs. We offer a system that allows you to trade in old devices for new ones and perform upgrades. The price of our devices can vary depending on the selected equipment and additional features. We strive to offer our clients the best solutions, taking into account their needs and budget. To obtain more detailed information about our devices and prices, we invite you to fill out the form on our website. A responsible staff member will contact you and provide the necessary information, helping you make the right choice. We take pride in offering our clients flexibility, innovative solutions, and professional service. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable solution that meets your needs and budget.

What is the Plasma Health machine?

The Plasma Health device is a multifunctional low-temperature/cold plasma device. The uniqueness of the Plasma Health Pro device lies in the fact that not only engineers, but also practical specialists cosmetologists, dermatologists, etc. participated in the production process of the device. And we succeeded! The device combines the entire known assortment of procedures, which are implemented from care to non-surgical lifting. With the Plasma Health Pro device, it is easy to start a career as a cosmetologist, but its functionality will also be useful for specialists of the highest level.

What warranty options are available for the machine?

We provide a 12-month manufacturer's warranty on all units. You can also purchase an additional extended warranty of up to 5 years.

What shipping methods are available?

DHL - within Germany and Europe. Delivery costs according to postal service rates.

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