Instruction with hand placement off-line

Master class

Instruction with hand placement off-line

Master class

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Practical instructions in the format of a master class, to practice the procedures on the models-participants.

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Practical briefing in the format of a master class, practicing procedures:

  • Plasma shower;
  • Microplasma thermolysis;
  • Plasmaporation;
  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty;
  • Tummy tuck;
  • Resurfacing of postacne scars;
  • Resurfacing of expression lines (forehead, sagebrush, parotid creases, neck, décolletage);
  • Combination of techniques.

The specialist who purchases the briefing conducts all procedures independently according to the company's authoring protocols. The specialist works under the supervision of the Head of Practical Instruction. After passing the course the specialist can use the knowledge and practical experience gained when working with any devices of low-temperature/cold plasma according to their technical specifications.

A specialist who acquires instruction with hands-on practice on models is not required to purchase the machine that we have on this site in merchandise.

We select the models for the procedures, but the specialist can bring their own model, with at least 14 days notice, by contacting us via e-mail listed on this resource, or by calling us on the telephone numbers listed.

Instruction is provided in Russian. However, in case you want to get knowledge in a language more understandable for you, then the specialist, who purchased the instruction with practical training, can hire an interpreter himself and notify us of his intentions not later than 2 weeks in advance. For our part, we will provide the necessary equipment for simultaneous transmission of information.

If an additional person in the form of an interpreter is present, the specialist who has purchased the practical training must pay an additional fee for one more person due to the fact that by our standards the event requires a lunch break and payment for the organization of the lunch break for each person present in the hall. This amount ranges from 49 to 100 euros and depends on the city and location of the event. Detailed cost for the participation of an additional person you can clarify at least 14 days in advance, using the contacts indicated on this website.

The time for the practical briefing is:
- 11:00 - 14:00 general theoretical part;
- 14:00 - 16:00 general master class;
- 16:00 -19:00 individual practice on models (by the word individual we mean the possibility of presence in the hall of 3-5 specialists. The practice manager works with each of the specialists, who are instructed separately and will individually explain how to properly perform the procedures).

To get the highest practical skills, we provide 10 areas to practice on the participating models for the above procedures.

Make sure that you have read our Customer Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

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